What are you hoping your product or service will bring to your audience?

What do you want to be able to say about your product or service?

How will communicate that value?

When playing in the health, wellness, and performance space these are the three simple but strategic questions want to know the answers to in the development.

Often product development starts with a vision. Give that vision substance by imagining how you will want to talk about the finished product to your friends, family, and people you just meet. Then think about that one thing you want to be able to back up when you communicate it to retailers.

For example, you want to make high protein snack food from plant-based ingredients that satiates people on the go! Knowing this in the development phase is critical because the product developer needs the directional guidance AND those statements have to proveable as TRUTH if your marketing team to amplify those nutritional attributes.

It is likely your vision for a product or service isn’t that detailed. Maybe you just want to make a better tasting and nutritious snack food. Or maybe you want to make foods that fuel athletes.

Let me help you create a clear brand nutrition strategy that:

  • Bakes your story into your product development from the beginning
  • Provides direction for nutrition marketing

Start with strategy services:

  • Portfolio nutrition guidelines
  • Development of food & nutrition philosophy
  • Review and recommendations of existing product or service
  • Identification of nutrition gaps in your space
  • Truthful, relevant nutrition claims
  • Competitive analysis and Insights
  • Educational nutrient reporting
  • Target audience nutritional needs report

Already have a nutrition strategy in place? Let me support you in product development and nutrition marketing!