Connecting Companies to Active-Outdoor-Consumers Through Food

Who is Summit Nutrition Strategy?

Summit Nutrition Strategy is owned and operated by lead nutrition strategist, Tara DelloIacono Thies, RDN

  • A dietitian nutritionist, Tara is the food, beverage, and outdoor industry’s most trusted performance nutrition advisor for product development, nutrition programs, and athlete coaching
  • She has been advising nutrition brand strategy, product development, communications, and educating active-lifestyle audiences for over twenty years
  • An award-winning branded content creator, Tara uses her gift of attuning with a variety of influential audiences such as investors, retailers, celebrities, and athletes to make scientific principles of performance nutrition accessible, applicable, and impactful
  • An endurance athlete, mountain lover, mother of two wild boys,  and adventurer, she strives for an active lifestyle herself, invigorated with nutritious foods and positive eating behaviors that align with her philosophy of Eating With Purpose

What can Summit Nutrition Strategy do for your company?

Product Innovation & Renovation

Connect to your consumer through food with Product Development recommendations supported by science to provide meaningful contributions to their diets.

  • Ingredient recommendations
  • Evidence-based formula recommendations
  • R&D nutrition advisor
  • Truthful, relevant nutrition claims
  • Insights from competitive analysis
  • Educational nutrient reporting
  • Target audience nutritional needs report

Nutrition Programs

Connect your company to active lifestyle audiences through food with engaging nutrition programs.

Make your next athlete summit, training camp, trade event, festival, retreat, or brand activation memorable with a nutrition experience designed to both inform and inspire

  • Nutrition program planning
  • Nutrition content plan
  • Content development
  • Interactive workshops
  • Nutrition experiences on the move
  • Speaking engagements

Athlete Nutrition Coaching

Connect your company to consumers through food by supporting your athlete’s success with nutrition knowledge they can apply for better health and performance.

  • Team nutrition programming
  • Sport-specific nutrition resources & references
  • Race day nutrition planning
  • Training nutrition planning
  • On-site event/race nutrition support
  • Individual counseling
  • Genetic nutrition counsel

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