People knowledgeable in health and nutrition demand more than nutrition claims of superiority. They want to know they are buying into a food, service, technologly, or program that aligns to their values.

Yet still, so many companies focus on claims-driven product development and marketing. My work shifts this approach to purpose-driven development and marketing that results in a nutritionally beneficial food, service, technology, or program  with a substantiated reason for being and truthful story that can be shared in support of a large vision.   

How to shift to purpose-driven design of food, services, technologies, or programs?

Determining how you want to talk about your product ideally begins during product development so that there is a clear nutritional through-line to good health.

A registered dietitian serving as a nutrition stratgiest for companies lead me to develop a four point approach that bakes the nutrition narrative in from the beginning of the development and branding process. This process helps align teams while saving time and money, too.

The result is a nutritionally beneficial food, service, technology, or program based on rock-solid nutrition platform and a truthful nutrition narrative that can be amplified through marketing and communications. 

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Get expert nutrition guideance from health and outdoor industry leading nutrition strategist, Tara DelloIacono-Thies, RDN. From start-ups to established companies she helps food, tech, outdoor apparrel/gear, and athletic businesses leverage nutrition and an active lifestyle as a core compentency in today’s health and wellness landscape.